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Pure - Art Exhibition

Belgian photographer and Dutch visual artist display art at
The Annexe Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A close collaboration between Belgian photographer An Van Daele and Dutch visual artist Karen Severijnen
has resulted in an art exhibition entitled ‘PURE’, with photographs and sculptures
displayed at The Annexe Gallery from 14-19 May 2013.

The exhibition explores the universal feminine bond, regardless of age and physical appearance.
For a year the artists have worked closely together to visually express their first-hand experience
of being immersed in a multi-cultural environment for many years.
Inspired by the surrounding colours and cultures, they have tried to capture the spirit
of the universal unspoken bond that connects women.

Far away from home, the differences in features and background evolve into solid friendships
and mutual understanding, based on similar experiences and needs.

The intense connection between women is visible through poetic photographs,
which are closely linked with the sculptures. The ethereal quality of the colours shifts the viewer’s focus
from the differences to the similarities between women.
The images express the themes that unite them. The sculptures are made of glazed ceramic,
cement and hand cut natural stone mosaics, which emphasize the purity of the emotions.